Friday, September 4, 2015

Internship Lessons Learned: SM Energy, Charle Miller

Ambition: A Double Edged Sword.

Hey y’all! I was very surprised how much I missed our group this summer! It will be nice to see all of you again. How was your summer? Mine was great, and I learned a lot. I wanted to take a minute to share with you a mistake I saw from several interns this summer. Hopefully, this will benefit you in your upcoming internships and careers.

What is the mistake I noticed? People being overly ambitious.

I know what you're thinking, 'How can you be overly ambitious?' Have you ever met someone who comes on too strong? Or someone who is trying to get something out of you by being pushy? These are some of the characteristics I am speaking of. Ambition is like perfume, a little is good but too much will give everyone around you a headache.

Some of the interns, in my opinion, came across too aggressively when speaking to management. There is a time and place for everything. There is a time to try and connect with upper management or a potential client, but there is also a time to give them some breathing room. I am a strong believer in less is more. You can really wear out your welcome with an individual by constantly asking questions, and trying to get to know them. You don't want to look desperate or like a brown nose! This summer I learned I was not alone in this belief. Here are two things that were said to me this summer, and both of these are from landmen with over 30 years in the business:

1) One gentleman I came to respect this summer stated that he did not enjoy dinners with the interns because he felt many were 'too pushy.' I actually noticed this from many interns, and felt bad for some of the management.

2) After getting to know another landman, he confided in me that he refused to wear his company shirt in public. The reason for this was the constant harassment he received from industry people trying to get a job or a deal done.

Get to know these people because you are interested in them – not for what they can do for you. Keep in mind, these experienced landmen have been around the block many times, and can see through the b.s. Menon has done a great job of telling us how to connect with people. Keep those things in mind and be genuinely interested in the other person.

This is my 'takeaway' from this summer! Hope this helps. 


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